I played a thirty minute game and gained zero experience

I usually have an ok internet connection. Sometimes it gets bad, but not bad enough to dc me from a game (Around 140-250 ping spikes only). I was winning early, had an advantage over enemy jg and other lanes and then my ms goes from 20 to +1000 ping, start disconnecting from the game and so on. I tried reconnecting and it worked. But my ms was still +500. Game was unplayable. Only at last 5 minutes was I able to actually play the game normally but at that point, it was too late and I lost the game. I struggled to play for 30 minutes, was forcefully disconnected by the game for 3 minutes or more (where during that time it said I had reconnected about 3 times but had 60k ping). And as a result of my trash internet provider, not me, the internet provider, I get punished with my first leaver. And also wasted 30 minutes of my time and didn't gain any experience for it. I don't care if it was a loss, just pissed that I got a leaver and gained ZERO experience which is what I'm trying to grind up right now. And because of work, it's not that easy to do it often.

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