League of Legends Bugsplat me and gave 3 Support Response errors, then gave me 5 Leaverbusters...

The client gave me a big bugsplat before the champion load screen could even show on my screen. I have recieved multiple error dialogue boxes and it continued to pester me from trying to use the client to find the issue. I restarted my laptop and when I opened the client, after giving a dialogue box about how it is attempting to repair my files I logged into the client to find a box telling me that I have 5 leaverbusters. I had a few games before the bugsplat where real life called for me, but to give me leaverbusters because of a bug from the client? I'll link photos below for proof of bugsplat and leaverbust notice. https://imgur.com/cTt0zL4 https://imgur.com/YfCU6ay
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