My game keeps freezing and I can't even alt tab out or alt ctrl del to shut it down and restart.

I actually have to restart my computer because the screen flicks back to the frozen game everytime I alt tab or even alt ctrl del. It has always crashed randomly but now I can't just shut the client down and restart it. Also I was blocked from a game by a massive download starting when I tried to reconnect. I can't even go in ranked because this is so frequent that I basically have minutes of afk in every game while I try to reconnect. Is there anything I can do to make this more stable. My graphics drivers are up to date. I've tried reinstalling lol. I have a decent connection which only rarely spikes during storms, or bad weather. Sadly I have actually spent money on this game and I can't even play it without the client crashing or freezing completely now. Would be great if I could actually get it working to a point I can play ranked without auto losing a third of my games.
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