A griefing issue

Hi all, I wanted to bring this issue somewhere where it could be dealt with and maybe get a Rioter to deal with it, since reporting this player in game doesn't seem to do anything after a weeks or so of constant reports not just from myself, but those in games with me. So the issue is as follows. This person (will remain unnamed unless im asked to post it) plays Anivia (Bottom or Support, doesn't matter) and uses the wall to block off team mates who are out of position, recalling to base, walling off the majority of her team mates in a losing team fight so they die and also walls off her rotating team mates from objectives so they can't get a drake or baron/rift or get stuck in either pit with enemy players. I've been on both sides of this person who is plaguing OCE solo queue on multiple accounts in bronze and silver. Said person claims that nothing can be done about such behavior, laughs and is extremely negative/abusive. and im beginning to think their right, as they are still in game after all the reports that have been sent in about said player. Is there anything anyone can do here or can refer my complaint of said player to someone who can? Behavior like this should not be tolerated, you can lose a lot of business because of the minority of toxic griefing little trolls. If anyone can help me id greatly appreciate it, after 10 or more games of this im simply tired of it. Kind regards, Syn
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