Unjustified ban after being forced onto an off role in NORMALS?

I was banned for "intentional feeding" in NORMALS when I was forced onto the jungle role (I only play ADC or support and in that game our bot lane was a duo). I didn't do well because I was first time jungle and the enemy Evelyn counter jungled me a lot, and then my team reported me and I got banned for it. Ban message for the game I "inted" https://i.imgur.com/DubGIdn.png As you can see, only 1 game was listed, which was the off role game. Game that I "inted" http://matchhistory.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/OC1/188038691/2611039?tab=overview As shown in the stats, even though I died quite a lot, I had assists, jungle creeps, and kills, and battle participation. I was not running down mid, I was trying my best to learn the role. I don't int, not in that game, nor have I inted in previous games. I've never had a warning this whole season, so an immediate 14 day ban with rewards stripped seems excessive. UPDATE: Riot has reviewed my case and removed my suspension. However, my honor level still shows "dishonorable" and unable to receive end of season rewards. I've continued correspondence and hopefully I can get the whole suspension reversed so I can get my ranked rewards this season. UPDATE 3: Riot has said they restored my honor level, however it still shows as level 0 dishonored..

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