Massive Bugs on the Mac version

I understand its still in Beta but i have been having SOOOO many issues with the mac version of the game. Just now had an issue where i couldn't use spells, keyboard was working fine for chat and outside of game (could alt tab just fine) There is a massive lack of feedback on the loading screen. Most games and software have a spinning or moving symbol to signal the game is still running. Sometimes i don't know if the game is crashed on me, just taking its time, frozen, or not allowed me into the game at all even though I'm 100% loading. Not being let into the game after a long wait in the loading screen is probably the most frustrating out of all the bugs. I think a moving icon or something or even a moving bar to signal the game is still loading would be great, hell even a chat option while loading. Another bug is i choose a champion and the lock in button just switches off unless i change champion, change back and then press it. If i lag on the switch back and log in sometimes it will just lock in the champion i DIDENT want purely because the lock in button wouldn't work first time i selected the champion. Again i TOTALLY understand most people play this on PC and I'm sure that works fine but these bugs are actually getting me banned and black marks on my account and i just feel like i CANT progress in the game and it just adds to my stress levels. Anything you can suggest to fix these bugs on my side would be most grateful. Thanks again TwistedDisco
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