Is it just me or is Riot screwing over casual players ALOT with new BE system

Putting this here in support cause idk where else to put it, somewhat complaint/bugs/confusion so, now the new lvl system, pretty cool, except for that fact i **only** get Blue essence per by champion shard per level, so varying between 700 and 920 so far, taking me 12 games to do so. **oh and for some reason not getting Xp on a lost game**, lost 3 games 2 haven't given me Xp so getting 920 champ shards each level, will take me 7 levels to get a SINGLE actual champion, unless i get one of their shards which is a what, 1 in however many champions there is. but i'm sure its more complex then that. Now with the new Rune pages, its lovely how they give is 5 un-editable pages, and the base two, we use to have, however we lose the ability to spec for multiple situations, with how masteries use to, without having to freak out and change it all in the 85 seconds of champ select to redo the entire page, which, i cant do due to being on a low spec potato laptop who freezes the client on to much animation. it makes it completely useless to even try and get stuck with the base 5. and seeing how it would still take me, anywhere from 7 to 10 levels to get enough Blue essence for another rune page, its like Riot it literally saying to me 'buy RP buy the rune pages and then you're set' which is the one thing i don't want do to. it just feels like the game is now pay to play efficiently or have enough IP to buy UrfWick 8 times over to get all the stuff you want and need for runes if you haven't already. So if someone can explain to me why i get no blue essence unless its a varying amount from a champion capsule per level. why now the new rune system is already screwing me over in matches even though it seems so cool and effective, why riots practically telling me to throw money at them to make it work. its pissing me off already and it's been a *day*. my friends level 33 already, said he got BE per level earlier today but now its stopped too. so wtf. can someone tell me what is going on?
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