OCE content creators? How on earth do we get that Sona Emote?!

I feel like I'm going crazy... Am I the only person in OCE wondering how I can get hold of that limited addition Sona emote that's ONLY distributed by content creators? I'm not sure if Riot knows this, but there are next to none big content creators in OCE, the only two I can think of (Tilterella and Jay Sea) haven't mentioned anything about it... nor is there one word of info on the client. I even contacted Riot support and this was their answer: "I can't give you any specific places you can go, but lots of different content creators should have them - check out streamers on twitch etc and you should be able to find someone who's giving them out!" Sure, let me find that 12 subscriber OCE streamer who is mysteriously part of the partnership, they'll pop up way above imaqtpie or the LCK that is streaming right now. Like... if your're going to trail out a new partnership system can you at least please give us some info about it? ANY info?! I'd love a chance to earn that emote, but I can when I literally have no idea how to go about it. What a joke.
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