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Last updated: Jul. 2, 2016


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Here’s a list of common problems and questions as well as a few ideas on how to solve these issues. Please check here for a solution first.

If you’d like to search directly for your issue, start with the knowledge base.

If you don’t see your issue, or the solutions here don’t work, feel free to post on the boards. Helpful and well-tooled Wrenchmen, fellow players, and occasional Riot Support Staff will be around to help when they can. Make sure to attach any relevant files to your post by clicking on the paper clip icon in your reply.

All issues are sorted in order of their possible occurrence from before you get in to after you’re done playing. Please note, whenever you test out a fix, you should always join a practice game, to avoid being flagged by LeaverBuster.

Remember this is all to help you help yourself, if you'd like additional support from Riot Staff, please open a support ticket. Unless otherwise specified, all fixes here assume you're using a Windows operating system.

Basic Launcher Troubleshooting

Server Status: Unavailable/Busy

  • The servers are actually down, check Service Status page, there's usually an announcement.
  • You may need to enable Scripting.
  • Restart your computer
  • Your Internet Explorer may be in offline mode. If so, change it.
  • If you're set to use a proxy server, turn it off:
  • Internet Options -> Connection -> Lan Settings -> Auto Detect
  • Turn off Certificates in Internet Explorer:
  • IE Options > Advanced > Restore Advanced Settings
  • IE Options > Advanced > Uncheck "Check for server certificate authentication"
  • After successfully logging in, revert your certificate settings back to default to avoid any unnecessary security vulnerability.
  • Run through the Troubleshooting Connection Issues guide in the knowledge base.
  • Try powercycling (restarting) your modem.
  • Reset your internet security settings:
  • Internet Options->Advanced->Reset Button
  • Make sure your computer's clock is synced (Windows) (Mac)
  • Uninstall Pando Media Booster

Launcher closes without warning / does not open when clicked

Error message: "Unable to connect to the network"

  • The game needs to be installed in a subdirectory in order to work properly
  • You might have been logged in during downtime, try again in a bit

I get a RADS error / Could not to connect to HTTP server / PvP.Net Patcher Kernel stopped working

  • Restart your computer, then restart the patcher process and let it sit.
  • Go to your Riot Games/RADS/System folder under your default install path, right click and run the rads_user_kernel.exe file and run as Admin.
  • Try deleting your LoL_Air_Client folder (the default install path for this folder is C:\Riot Games\RADS\Projects) and then repatching.
  • See this article, about changing to a public DNS (Windows) (Mac)
  • Hit the Windows button and in the search bar type "cmd" and hit "OK". In the new window, type
  • netsh winsock reset
  • then hit enter and restart your computer.
  • Replace /RADS/system/rads_user_kernel.exe, with this file
  • Try installing Microsoft Dot NET Framework 4.0 and Dot NET 3.5
  • Try running through the RADS solution in this video

The launcher stops downloading

  • Let the launcher run for up to 15 minutes
  • Restart the launcher
  • Powercycle (restart) your modem and/or router
  • Make sure that lol.launcher.exe is listed as an exception in your firewall
  • Temporarily disable firewall and anti-virus software.
  • Click on the gear icon in the upper right of the launcher window and try the repair option.
  • Turn off Peer to Peer Transfer in your launcher options
  • Did you visit the Troubleshooting Connection Issues article in the knowledge base?
  • Try reinstalling League of Legends

The launcher has experienced an error?

I get “the application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect”

I get, “Client Version #.##.## is rejected by the server”

  • Close any instances of PVP.net or the LoL launcher and restart your patcher. Allow it to complete.
  • After the patch process finishes, hit the button with 2 gears in the upper right corner of your patcher and complete the repair process.
  • If you are able to login, you may also want to try starting a custom game to see if you’re still getting the version rejected error.
  • If that did not work, close your launcher and Delete lol_air_client and lol_launcher from …\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\projects
  • Uninstall Pando Media Booster
  • Make sure you have the most current Windows Updates
  • Try running the game as an administrator
  • Right click on the executable and select “Run As” “Administrator”

The Patcher crashes my computer

  • Reinstall your Video Card and Network Drivers
  • You may have bad memory/need to downclock your RAM, check your memory with MemTest
  • If you are getting a Blue Screen of Death please post a thread in Help & Support with a zipped copy of your .dmp crash log (…\Windows\Minidump)

I can’t click the Play button / nothing happens after I click the play button

  • Your Active Scripting may be disabled. Go to:
    • Internet Options -> Security -> Active scripting (near the bottom) -> Enable -> OK.
    • Restart the launcher.
  • Go to your projects folder (…\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\projects) and delete the lol_air_client and lol_launcher folders, then restart your patcher.
  • Try turning off UAC in Windows 7/Vista (NOTE: does not apply to XP)

None of that worked, my internet is teh pwned

  • Powercycle (restart) your modem and router
  • Try plugging directly into your modem if you use a router.
  • Reinstall your network card drivers.
  • Reinstall League of Legends
  • Make sure your ports are open.
  • Make sure you forwarded the correct ports on your router (Windows) (Mac)
  • Check with your ISP about packet loss issues or blocking
  • If your Peer to Peer is blocked, try Hotspot Shield

Before I enter a match, everything goes black/game doesn’t start

  • Your graphics card might not support Shader 2.0. If it doesn’t, you’ll be unable to play League of Legends.
  • Make sure your computer meets the Minimum System Requirements.
  • Make sure your display settings are set properly.
  • If you can’t get in, you can also change your resolution out of game by navigating to the following location of your League of Legends installation:
  • Local Disk --> Riot Games --> League of Legends --> Config
  • Once here, you will find a file labeled ‘game.cfg’
  • When you open this file, under the [General] section will be:
    • Height: XXXX and Width: XXXX.
  • This works exactly the same as your resolution settings on windows and can be changed to the values you specify.
  • Check the Bug Splat and Game Crashes article in the knowledge base

After Champion Select, the game crashes

  • Did you copy someone else’s install? You need to reinstall the game.
  • Are you using a custom skin, or another third party program like LoL Recorder? Try disabling those before starting a game.
  • Double check your firewall, ports and anti-virus settings with the tips listed above.
  • Use this link to update your DirectX install.
  • Did you recently use System Restore? You probably need to reinstall.

I get an “Out of Range Error” when starting a match

I get a Shader Model 2.0 or Direct3D Error

Queue Is Taking Forever

  • Let it sit for at least 5 minutes, more if you’re Diamond or Challenger rank.
  • Try restarting the Queue
  • Server may be doing an update or having issues, try playing a practice game. Title said game “Queue Hurts My Wookie”

Why am I getting 0-5 LP for a win? / Why am I losing more LP for a loss?

This is known as clamping, and occurs when you’re up for a Tier promotion but your Matchmaking Rating (MMR) is far lower than expected. You can read a bit more about how and why this happens in the 2014 Season FAQ.

I won a game but lost LP / I lost a game but still gained LP

This is a visual display bug that can occur when the LP system is delayed. You did not actually lose LP for a game you won, it’s just showing a previous update, and you will still get your points as normal.

Graphics Troubleshooting

See the ideal settings in the KB.

Players jump around/go fast

In your in-game settings, switch Movement Prediction to “off” If the above didn’t work, it’s likely a connection issue. See the connection issues information below.

I can’t see the ground/champs / Fog of War covers everything / I get artifacts/flickering on the terrain

  • Make sure that your graphics drivers are completely up to date
  • For Mac (Apple) users – Make sure you have no Razer programs (like Razer Synapse) running in the background, if you do, disable them.
  • For PC (Windows) users – Make sure that the Debug version of your DirectX is deactivated
  • ATI(AMD) and nVidia control panel settings may be overriding your graphics. Try making sure all 3d settings in those programs are set to “Application Controlled” and turn off any V-Sync settings.

I’m a left hander / How do I use the keypad?

  • You can add these to [GameEvents] (create it if it doesn’t exist) in the input.ini file (default location, C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\config)
  • evtScrollUp = [Num8]
  • evtScrollDown =[Num2]
  • evtScrollLeft = [Num4]
  • evtScrollRight = [Num6]
  • IMPORTANT: Make sure not to modify the input.ini file under “default” as that will break patching. Modify the one in:
  • League of Legends\RADS\solutions\lol_game_client_sln\release s\0.0.0.###\deploy\DATA\CFG
  • and add one if it doesn’t exist. You can use the one under defaults as a guide.

I can’t get into the game to change my graphics settings.


I have bad FPS in game

The mouse pointer / menus are slow

  • You may have an integrated graphics card which doesn’t run as well.
  • Turn off any running anti-virus scan or other program using lots of resources.

I lag in game

  • Stop any active downloads or streaming services. These tend to use a lot of bandwidth.
  • Powercycle (restart) your modem and router.
  • Try plugging directly into your modem if you use a wireless router.
  • Disable Peer-to-Peer transfers in the patcher (gear icon top right, save settings, restart PC)
  • Uninstall Pando Media Booster
  • Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs
  • Reinstall your network card drivers.
  • Check with your ISP about outages or blocking.
  • Try some of the steps listed in this knowledge base article.

I always get disconnected in the middle of the game

  • Navigate to C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\solutions\lol_game_client_sln\release s\0.0.0.xxx\deploy (This is the default directory) and look for League of Legends.exe - take this icon and place it on your desktop and rename it to “Quick Reconnect” to rapidly launch the game again without patching, if you get disconnected.
  • Check to see if you can still get online somewhere else.
  • Check your router settings or try plugging directly into your modem.
  • If you are still experiencing issues, try running through the steps listed in this knowledge base article.

I’m still connected, but I can no longer move or do anything

  • Disconnect and reconnect to the game. You may have to shut down the client

I got disconnected and have Game Still In Progress, but can’t reconnect

  • Wait 20-30 seconds and try again
  • The server may have crashed in which case everything’s going to be borked for a little bit. Come back in an hour and try again.

I see myself stop moving, then people jump around and move really quickly like the game is catching up.

  • This is most often a connectivity issue. Make sure to follow the steps in this knowledge base article. You may also need to contact your ISP for assistance.
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