Honour system for older players

I'm feeling a bit uneasy about the new honour system. I had every honour title before this update, I didn't ask people to honour my for them, I earned them. I had almost 300 teamwork honours, and over 200 honourable opponents, 70+ friendly honours and about 20 helpfuls, I had around 600 honours, and this new update doesn't even give me a fancy badge to parade for earning them all, why does it only equate to level 2 in the new system? I feel robbed, I liked seeing my hundreds of honours, and now it's whittled down to a single digit, and all I get is a couple key shards, and that's not even a compensation gift. People with a third of the honours I had got the exact same, this hardly feels fair. All my efforts that I made for everyone I've ever helped still hold value to me, but now I don't have much of a way to remember those times. The old honour system was more than just a number on the screen to me, it was a counter to all the people I played with and against who I helped and made the game more enjoyable for. All in all, I like the idea of the new honour system, it's certainly great for new comers, but it's hard on older players. I wish you guys at riot did an integration between the two systems rather than completely getting rid of the old one, I miss my fancy numbers.
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