Hello all who read this. I am currently looking for some help in League of Legends I am not a rich person so I can not afford to buy professional coaches or even non professional ones so if you are looking for money please turn back now, however if you are looking to help someone who is eager to learn and will listen and be a Honorable student then please read on. Basically long story short yes I am looking for a coach to help me find what it is I am lacking to be able to climb myself up the ranks. I know I make mistakes even just small ones that can cost me games but I really want to put an end to that I have been playing League since season 3 and have peaked Gold 3 on OCE in Season 7 but finished Gold 5 0-13LP so a big drop. I used to main Jungle (kha'zix) however after the recent changes to scuttle I seem to perform better in the Mid-Top Lane with a new champ pool consisting of Talon/Akali (the main 2) however with Garen and Kat on the side. I am essentially looking for a long term coach someone who is willing to look over my games and give me homework to work on to improve someone who can take me under their wing and coach me so that I may reach the big boy table because honestly I hate silver elo I currently and sitting on S1 18LP or something have reach gold promos twice I believe and both times dropped to silver 2 just to climb back into the promos and drop to silver 2 again. I play these champions because I find them easy to snowball with and with the mobility they have helps me with roaming because if I were to spot 1 of my weakness or mistakes it would be CS (early) I tend to take bad trades but get good CS or take good trades but lose so much CS. winning or losing lane I would say I am on a 50/50 scale depending on the match up however most of the time I win my lane by roaming to gain a lead to snowball my lane and increase that lead into other lanes and eventually take out the game. However that is all easy said on paper but doing it and finding out what I should be doing or shouldn't be doing is a lot harder for me while in game. I am looking for someone who would be interested in watching over my replays as mentioned and even a live game or 2. I really want to climb I don't believe I deserve a higher rank than what I have currently I have played in plat 4-3 elo and I have been able to manage consistent damage and map awareness including winning the games however I don't think I deserve that elo not yet but it does make me wonder why I can control myself in that elo but not my own. if you think you can help me whether you want to be my long term or even if you are just bored right now and think this might be fun just to look over 1 or 2 games or even a live game I am online now so please add me in game my name is DropKîck (it is a special i the alt key is 0238). Thank you for reading and have a nice day.
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