Automated Low Prio Que

Hey i keep getting put in the low prio que because of bugs. I am using a Mac version of the client and i understand that its in beta but it has been out for some time now. Today in the champ select the new Hud came up and i noticed the ward skin Icon. I clicked on it and the game sent off a bug report but the report crashed and caused me to time out so i couldent select any champs or click anything. Just a loading bar in the middle of the screen. Since i exit the champ select without choosing a champ (because of the bug) i got put in a low prio Que. 10 Mins later i got onto the champ select again and MISS CLICKED THE SAME BUTTON since it was next to the summoner spells. The same thing happend so i closed down the client and re opened it. But because i "dodged the ranked que" i got put into another low prio que for 20 mins. I understand why the low prio Que is there but why does an automated system not take into account the condition of the client to search for reasons WHY it was closed down and re opened. This is a fix that i feel should be very much considered to avoid un reasonable punishments.
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