Slow decline in FPS each patch.

Hey, Need some helps with my FPS, I've noticed it slowly dropping over recent patches and haven't found a fix. I've tried a ton of guides from multiple different sources and nothing seems to be helping. usually sit around 50 while nothing is happening and in team fights it can drop to below 15 and usually results in my death. PC Specs: Intel Core i5 2.8ghz 16gb of RAM Nvidia Geforce 960 2gb GPU x2 500 GB HDD Gigabyte motherboard (Not sure of the name) 800W corsair PSU 60hz monitor In game settings: All very high except no V-sync, character inking and anti aliasing. Nvidia settings are all default, all drivers up to date (Version 375.70). I've tried everything up to the point of reinstalling, id rather not do that as it never seems to help. Tried the Riot support guide for FPS also. Any help would be appreciated, I should be getting way more FPS then I am and im confused as to why im not.
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