Game disconnects

Hi all, I've been getting this recurring issue in games where my client will disconnect for 10 seconds before automatically reconnecting. It's pretty sporadically that it happens, sometimes it happens 5 times in one game, other times it might only happen once or twice and then it might not happen again for 3-4 games. It seems to always happen just at the start of a big team fight, which usually results in a game loss - hella frustrating when trying to climb. I've tried uploading some logs into the latency checking tool and most games I have a 0.20% packet loss, but on the games where I have had the disconnections then my packet loss is just listed as NA/N%. I noticed that there is issues with the network and client as of the 17th May, but I feel like I might have been having this issue before then. I've tried reinstalling and repairing the client. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks <3 Zeebrá

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