[RESOLVED] Connection Stability Issues - 10/09/2015

** UPDATE: 10/9 @ 1545 AEST: ** We've identified a potential cause and made some changes to route around the issue. If you have been having issues, can you please test again and report back if it is still problematic. Original post: We've been getting reports of players experiencing issues maintaining a stable connection to the league servers when in the client. This might manifest as problems logging in, issues with matchmaking, or chat not staying connected. We're currently collecting info on this and looking to find the root cause, and if you are experiencing this, please send an email to jimz (at) riotgames.com with the following info: * trace route to * your IP address (you can find this out by visiting [whatismyip.com](http://www.whatismyip.com) Thanks for your patience in this. We're working hard to get everything running smoothly again as our top priority. Best Regards Mindstar
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