Does riot support look at images sent to them?

so ive somehow lost an account ive been playing on for 8+ years i dont remember its email address since its been so damn long since i made the account so i cant recover it willy niilly. anyway... i cant log in with its password anymore, this also happened previously to my brother an he recovered his account since he knows its email address so i go about sending a support ticket anonymously and i attached a screenshot of a recent paypal transaction with the transaction ID to verify that its me, 1st reply i got was a redundant questionnaire which i answered and attached along with it the same screenshot, i then asked them to acknowledge if they have seen the image i gave to them. i have no idea if they actually looked at the image i gave them as they never specifically refer to it in the reply back, like i asked them to, they simply said i provided insufficient information... is a paypal transaction ID insufficient information?, thats what id like know, because its the only thing i have to verify me as the owner of the account, most of the information attached to it is lost simply because i cant remember, i rushed it with the account creation process 8 years ago.
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