Falsely banned because a salty teammate reported everyone in the team.

I was recently banned because of my last game. To clarify, what you see in the chatlogs were not me flaming anybody. The start was me and the enemy Nasus joking (If his chatlogs were shown it'd help my defense here) and the rest was me notifying my team. > glhf Me literally telling everyone to have fun > lul kys kys =keep yourself safe Me joking with the enemy Nasus who knew I was joking > wtf my wards keep disappearing My wards kept disappearing from my inventory even though I wasn't selling them. > no energy Notifying my team I had no energy and couldn't engage in a fight. > we needa end fast his stacks are starting to show Implying we need to rush end because Nasus is starting to become a problem. > go rush it Informing my team they can rush that tower and get it safely > Hes backed Letting my team know Nasus and backed and is coming for them. I don't get exactly what I was banned for? I wasn't toxic at all that game. I worked hard for Honor 4 for what? Someone in my team reporting for us losing the game when the loss wasn't just my fault? I'm sorry for being a little aggressive here but this has to be the stupidest ban I have ever had on any game.
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