Game "Skips" (Mini freezes) every few seconds.

For the past week I've noticed my game freezes slightly - consistently - every two / three seconds. It isn't un-playable, but quite annoying.. not a big deal when you scroll around, but when you hold the space bar to lock onto your character moving, it is very noticeable. I get 127 FPS on highest settings with no problems & 47ms latency, i've never noticed this problem before until recently... I tried capping my FPS at 60 and it seems like it just accentuated the "freezes" & made them far worse, capped it at 80 and it was a bit better, if i leave it un-capped it seems to be the least noticeable then. (Also I tried lowering graphics settings but it didn't make a difference) Please help :) Kind Regards, Gangsta Gumby {{champion:517}} EDIT: I've figured it out... If you tick "close the client in game" in the client settings, the game runs perfectly fine!

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