Disconnecting/Freezing a lot

Hello everybody. I've been having this super annoying problem for a really long time now. I would be be playing league, and then while im laning or during team fights, i would go in and then just stand still. Yeh, i cant move or use any abilities, nothing. Everything stops responding, but everybody and the minions are still moving. This usually causes me to die from jungle camps while jungling, or the enemy just kills me and i cant do anything but watch myself die, then the team just flames me for something that i couldnt do. I notice this isn't my internet's fault, it is pretty fast and i usually have no problems with it, but whenever it comes to league, i just keep disconnecting. This usually happens like 10 times at least in one game, and causes me to tilt really easily. I'd like to know if anybody else is having this same issue, and if there is anything i could do to fix my problem. Thanks...
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