No Mastery 6 Token for S- and S+

I earned an S+ on Ahri a few days ago, lvld up to Mastery 5 that game and received notification saying I earned Mastery 6 Token for her. I placed in a support ticket and provided screen shots of the game and my loot. Nothing has been done. I am seriously frustrated. I recently played a game on Thresh were I got S- I recieve notification for level 7 mastery token. THERE IS NO TOKEN IN LOOT! I have restarted client, put in support tickets and waited. As someone who played with 164ms (minimal) and 12fps majority of time (I understand this is my fault not riots for my pc) its frustrating to get an S. But when you get S+ or S- and apparently "Receive Mastery lvl 6 & 7 token' and NOT ACTUALLY GET IT. Is quiet infuriating
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