Pls riot can we have 64 bit?

Before anyone abuses me for having a mac... I know. Believe me I know, macs are not optimal for gaming. The fact is, I already had my high end mac before I discovered the amazing world of gaming and can barely afford bills let alone a new computer. However, Apple have decided to be unnecessarily cruel and remove support for 32bit apps. This means I can barely play League at all on the new Mojave operating system, and it sucks. I work 40hrs a week doing a hellish PhD I can't escape from and one of the few things that help me unwind and enjoy life is a game of League...should tell you something about how stressful my job is if League is my go-to relaxation. Point is, I'm not computer savvy and I have many reasons for not downgrading my OSX, the main one being that League is the only thing being affected right now for me and frankly I just know I'll mess it up somehow and wreck my computer. I get that its a lot of work to re-develop an app, but for all us mac users who unwittingly fell into Apple's trap and didn't realise there would be compatibility issues...pls. I'll beg if I have to. Some specific issues: 1. The sound quality has gone so bad that it sounds like someone is trying land a helicopter on my roof and yet the game sounds are so quiet and muffled I keep checking my ears for cotton wool 2. The first game I played after upgrading stayed on 01 FPS and froze my computer so that I had to pull the plug. By the time I managed to reconnect, I was the richest person in the game and my team was obliterating the enemy's nexus - that probably says more about my gaming ability but lets not go there right now 3. Each subsequent game has resulted in some truly interesting glitches, the most entertaining probably being that my client decided to play the KDA song slowed down with a demonic twist for the entire game. I still can't work out how that happened. I've had spells refuse to work or chose to work at highly inconvenient times. I've had my champion decide of it's own accord to hang under a turret for a nice short laser shower. I've run system diagnostics, closed every program and basically tried everything a computer illiterate person can do - any suggestions right now would be appreciated. The thing is, this problem isn't going away. It has to be addressed or Riot will lose most of their mac players. We exist and we are suffering. Please Riot, can we have a 64 bit version?
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