Can't download league?

I know this is sounds pretty stupid but recently my league wouldn't open, it would just have the logo pop up and then disappear after another popup appears saying that I can't connect to HTTP server or some firewall thing idk so as a result I just thought to uninstall the game and reinstall. I went onto the OCE page and pressed download game but after I click the download button on the resulting page [this page would appear](, basically I can't download the game because apparently the web page is not available. I'm not sure if this is my laptop's problem or if it's the server or what not (as you can see I'm not an expert) I've checked some forum threads and none of them really have a solution for me ;-; I'm pretty sure the problem does not lie in my firewall. I asked my friend to download it just to verify if it was my problem but the same webpage popped up for her. If there is anyway to fix this please feel free to say so. >
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