Repeatedly getting disconnected from game despite internet connection being perfectly fine

So this has been happening to me frequently since the latest patch. I will be playing the game, everything will be perfectly fine, but then my character no longer receives input. I can move my mouse around, but right click does nothing. I can open the chat box and type, but nothing sends. But this isn't immediate disconnect so that my character starts heading straight back to spawn. This is 10-15 seconds before I get disconnected, giving them enemy player a perfect amount of time to kill a frozen player in lane while I stand there and watch. Then I'll get disconnected, and cannot reconnect to the game. As said in the title, my internet is perfectly fine. I have gamed for hours on the same connection with no issue with other game. I can tab out of my disconnected game, open up youtube, and watch people play League of Legends. But I can't play it. My game doesn't reconnect. Typically I'll have to completely close the client all together, reopen it, log in, and hopefully, maybe, I get reconnected at a point where my opponent is now not just 1 kill up, but 2 levels over me at minimum. But, in some cases, I'm not lucky the first time, and so I have to spend 5 minutes trying to connect back into the same game that I'm going to be penalised for when I've done nothing wrong. This has happened 5 games in a row now. I've run a Full Repair on the client. There's no issues. My internet is fine. I am beyond livid at this stage to put it politely.
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