We've detected a problem with your installation

This is the 15th time this month I have had my client crash then say "we've detected a problem with your installation we are attempting to repair now" ever since the ornn patch it has bugged out. It crashes, then crashes my pc while trying to repair, once to the point where o couldn't even boot my computer (had to run bios and repair my pc because of this) And, just when I thought, finally it's fixed, new patch, "we've detected a problem with your installation" 3 crashes in past 20 minutes, 4.5gb wasted on nothing, and still doing it. Just crashed then while I was writing this (on mobile) so 4 crashes and counting trying to "repair" something that was working 5 minutes before. Please assist with a solution because I am tired of wasting time and data on a game where I get banned for defending myself against vicious abuse. Trying not to tilt, but it's getting beyond a joke now... For the love of Frejord help me please!!! Fillet o Fitz

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