Weird bug on new client

I dont have a super computer so maybe it's this reason. But it is middle range so it's what most people would have. I queue up for ranked and get into lobby, on the second ban the game bugsplats but then immediately reopens to the lobby screen except its resolution is wrong and the textures are messed up. I click lock in because its my pick and it comes up with "There was a problem locking in your champion". I then dodge the game ( lose 10 goddamn LP and have to wait 30 minutes thanks Rito u twats) not on purpose but because the client is now unresponsive. It shoves me back into the lobby with a copy of myself as a second player with my roles. The name and summoner icon on the player I CAN CONTROL is missing and I cant kick the extra me. Client then crashes fully and i have a Queue dodge timer + lost LP What the fuck? Why is this not detectable by their system, especially the error message with locking in my champ, clearly it wasnt my fault I dodged so why cant it detect that message appearing and remove the punishment. (Reported the bug on their website.)
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