Can't log in to League of Legends since patch 4.21.

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Ever since the new patch 4.21, I can't log into League of Legends. Whenever I open the launcher and click "Launch" I wait for a minute or so but the log-in client never shows up. Every now and then I can get to the log-in part after I try starting the client 50 odd times with a combination of Task Manager/terminating multiple client processes. I don't know if that has anything to do with getting the log-in client up but it seems to be the only thing to work. Unfortunately now, for two days, nothing I do gets the log-in client up. If I do manage to get the log-in client up it's fine from then on. I have no problems logging in or playing the game. Just getting to the log-in client is the struggle. I've never had any other technical issues with the game before this. I've tried repairing from the launcher client and just recently reinstalled the game, yet I still can't get in. Help would be mostly appreciated, thank you.
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