LeagueClientUx (Mac) Patch 8.14

Please help me. I am currently unable to play LoL. I can wait for a game and choose my champion but after that where the loading screen usually is (the one where it shows everyones champs) the screen goes black and my mouse freezes on the screen. I clicked show package contents on the League of Legends application > Contents > LoL and in this folder I found that 'LeagueClientUx' had a cancel sign over it (image of this attached below) making me think that it is somehow damaged or corrupted and leading me to believe that this is the reason I cannot play. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game many times but the problem still happens and have also used the Hextech Repair Tool. Once again, please help me. This is the LeagueClientUx: https://ibb.co/bvXquT https://ibb.co/b9jyg8 This is the application that is going black: https://ibb.co/iJuTET
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