What's the point in placment matches? (Opinion)

Hello everyone, I am bomb11 I have returned to league of legends a few days ago after not playing it for about a year. now as you may all know league of legends is a very competetive game and therefore there is the ranked mode where you queue up and play with 9 other players and prove your skill level by being placed in divisions like: Bronze, Silver, Gold etc. now with all my respect to the league of legends team I am sorry to say there is completly no point in placment matches. Placment matches are SUPPOSE to place you in a division you have achived through wins, the higher wins you have the better divsion you'll get. However, there are more stuff being taken into account, your MMR, your KDA and many more HOWEVER, for some reason another thing who is being taken an account is your rank last season. now keep in mind as I said I have played this game before, climbing through the ranks is part of the Ranked mode and I am aware for that. I won 7 games and lost 3 games in my placment matches, sounds not too bad am I right? I got placed in Bronze lll which is the 3rd most worst rank in the game. now I dont mind the rank, I will climb it up and prove my worthy of a higher rank. however for other players this is very frustating as they dont have as much time to play the game in order to climb ranks as fast as they could if they had the time and therefore having this kind of system just isnt healthy. my question to you is: Why is the system ranks us this way? Any suggetions for improving this one? For me, I would remove completly the way the system takes into account your rank last season, what was last season stays in last season.
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