ISSUE: Randomly Disconnecting In game for up to 15 Seconds

While im playing Leauge of Legends it will randomly Start trying to reconnect for about 10 seconds and then will reconnect it happends randomly some games more then others from once a game to up to 10 times , when im using TS it also drops out as leauge of legends drops out, there is no problem with my WIFI because it never drops out on any other devices only mine while playing leauge of legends, i tryed using another laptop on the same network and it had no issues, been happening for acouple of months cannot find a solution, Tryed using the PC on another network and it works fine no drop outs, Hoping to get a fix really makes the game unplayable. Also Tryed Disableing Peer to Peer still had issues and Pandu Media Booster Does not exist on my PC.
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