Account Transfer Service Update

An [update on the state of the transfer service]( has been posted on the NA Boards, full text below: -------------------------------- Hey everyone, As you may be aware, we’ve been seeing issues with account transfers lately. The Transfer Service has been down since early November, and Player Support agents have been unable to process any transfers manually due to this. We’ve disabled the option to purchase account transfers in the store for the time being while we work on a long-term fix. We know this is pretty terrible timing; we’re right in the middle of the holiday season, and a lot of us use the service this time of year. While we continue to troubleshoot this issue, it’s looking like a fix won’t be possible until February, at which point the service will be back up and you’ll be able to transfer your account normally again. We faced a similar issue with account transfers around this time last year and it’s clear that this can’t keep happening; it’s absolutely a frustrating situation, and if you’ve been affected by it we sincerely apologize. In the meantime, we’re committed to finding and fixing the root cause of the problem, and will keep you updated as that progresses.
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