Lol patcher downloading at less than 10KBps

Hello everyone! I have a download problem with league of legends at the moment. I moved in Australia (again) and I'm living quite far away from town so the only way I can play is using my phone as hotspot or using an optus mobile broadband. I've been playing for almost a week before patch 6.22 was released and the game was running perfectly with an average ping of 50ms using my phone. When patch 6.22 was realised I tried to update my client but the speed,as mentioned on the title, didn't even reach the 10KBps ( as I'm writing this it's downloading at 3 KBps). I've searched in the net for some solutions but without any result. I'd like to ask to the OCE community if someone have a solution or if someone could upload the client somehow so that I can download it from the browser since when I tried to download Garena LoL it was going pretty fast ( I was trying to download garena hopping that I could use the client files to "fill" up the normal client.). I already tried to check trought speedtest my speed too and on the Brisbane server I have 23ms ping,22MBps ~ download and an average 4-5MBps on upload. My computer is a laptop msi GT80 SLI. Thanks for your time and hope in a fast answer, can't wait to play ( yeah I love this game :3)
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