Having Multiple issues

When i launch lol there are multiple lolpatchers in my task manager, 4 to be exact is that normal, cause it feels like i have to repeadly press launch to get to the login screen My league freezes up sometimes, now my computer is 6 months old with high en specs so i dnt think computer capability is a concern Also freezes in champ select but like its the image of the client that is frozen, i can click things, like i did the entire pick and ban pahse and chose my champs cause everything worked except for the fact the image was from when i got into champ select, and then it crashes when i get into loading screen so i have to relog. Then reconnect, the game it self works fine and my graphics is a gtx 970 so.... Yesterday i couldnt spectate as i was loosing data from spectate and champ would be standing there. (if it was a problem with the net than my lil brother would not have been able to play league on his comp as well and would experience the same issues) also is there a 64bit league client, i mean it says 32 bit but i think i can run 64 fine. I have run the fix multiple times and re installed it yesterday as well so it still happens any fixes to the issues Some one help
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