Client Deleting Runes & Resetting Settings

Yesterday morning, I played a few games with no issues at all. Later on throughout the day, when i logged in again, i found that all the tips that had initially come out with the new patch began to show up, and i got an error message telling me that my settings had been reset and that i had to review them. It didnt really show me the actual changes that had occurred with my profile until i accepted a match and got into champ select only to see that my runes had been deleted and only the preset pages were left. My summoner spells had also been reset. It affected that game and i had to move to a whole different position because of it. I added my new rune pages, logged out & logged back in & it seemed to have saved. I then decided to test it with my alt account, & the same thing had happened to that account. I tried the hextech repair tool but it would just get stuck on 'gathering logs' so i unchecked that box & let it force repatch/reinstall but all it did was delete my league of legends game and not reinstall it after it was finished. I manually reinstalled the game and logged in, only to find that once again, the same thing as the first paragraph had happened. I tried to contact player support but the page seems to be faulty. I need serious help because everytime i make my runes they just end up getting deleted. Another thing to mention is the lobby breaks when i click 'play again' post game. In the chat it'll tell me my friends have joined the lobby but i won't see them there, and the friends that i was already playing with would show as 'loading' as if they hadnt exited the post-game screen when they actually have. The home screen also never ever loads. It'll stay loading for a long while, and then tell me i need to retry. I'll click retry and it'll do the same thing all over again. My internet connection is fine with a steady 21ms. The client is making it really difficult for me to play the game and i need instant help. I really wish i could submit a ticket to support :( {{sticker:sg-janna}} Edit 1: It also keeps saying that im getting 0 xp from all games & does not show me who honours me. Edit 2: I've noticed Support website works on my phone (although connected to the same wifi) but not on my laptop (keeps asking me to click to make sure im not a robot then the page loads and keeps refreshing only to ask me to do the same thing) Edit 3: When signing into the boards, after inputting my username and password, it tells me an error has occurred and to check with my client application & start again. But when i refresh the page, it automatically signs me in.
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