The Valoran Great Hextech Chest Famine of 2017

Ok so here's my problem. I just got back into league and i needed to get some chest because i have 7 keys logged up in the back. Thing is, is that i notice that when i went into collection and hovered over the champs that i had recently played with it says (Thresh and Nocturne to be specific) it says that I had acquired chests for these champions already when i have no recollection of receiving chests. Yes I know the specifics of getting a chest, I haven't gotten an S- or above as of late but i have had friends whom I've played with and gotten S- and above in those games. Is this happening plz halp... and no I'm being honest here, this isn't a scam to try and get more chests i legitimately have 7 keys with an 8th one almost complete... really wish this think came with a photo upload button{{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
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