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If you've managed to make your way into the Help & Support sub-board, chances are something somewhere is broken. No worries, though! We'll work with you to identify the issue you're having and to resolve the issue.

Before you make your post, you may want to check out some of our Help & Support information and resources first:

What is the Help & Support Board?

The Help & Support board is the place for players to seek technical help for any League of Legends related issue and for posting general questions to the Riot Player Support team.

Community members are encouraged to lend a hand to their fellow players if they see a problem they believe they can help fix. Rioters will also try to keep this board updated when a fix for a common or new issue is discovered, or if issues occur on the day of a new patch.

If you have a question about a technical issue, this is a great place to post it; otherwise, for more serious or complicated issues, you can submit a support ticket here.

Experiencing a Tech problem? Find the common fixes here!
Your unofficial guide to creating Player Support requests!

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