pvp.net disconnection and constant mid game disconnection

For some time now i can not even play 1 game without interruptions, posted numerous times in forums for help and advice. NOTHING that is all i get, never any help from riot staff or explanation of any sort. So i decided to just get a whole new PC, thinking maybe there is an issue with my pc. New PC everything updated on it, only thing i had done was installed League of legends. Guess what same old shit keeps happening, disconnection from pvp.net, halfway through a game it will disconnect and will not reconnect. Then i get a notice about checking out possible problem as the game has detected issues or something of sorts, mostly links to WINDOWS 7 crap, seriously who the funk is still running windows 7? I may sound mad and that is because i'am! i now AGAIN face penalty for AFK due to this constant disconnecting issues, reasons not caused by my own faults! EVEN after trying to seek out help from the staff and never getting responses, this game is dying and is pretty much dead to me now! I enjoyed playing don't get me wrong, i have been playing since late S1 on the NA server. but not its just fkd!

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