DW Guys, he could be stronger!

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> Zed could be a little bit stronger right now But it's okay because an easy, extremely slippery all-in manaless assassin with tons of poke, free escapes, insane burst _(most of which is AoE)_, and a free last hitting tool, that completely steamrolls low elo. Totally could be a little bit stronger.... > giving the Master of Shadows more opportunities to out-maneuver his opponents Cos he was getting outplayed by Ashe and Lux all the time! Thank god he has defence against immobile squishies now... Whew! Im so glad he's having a better time outplaying the one class that it is his sole purpose to utterly destroy. He was having a real hard time with all their dashes and untargetability before. > This helps Zed control minion waves Alongside his last-hitting minion-executing passive and optional maneless AoE push you mean? Or maybe it's to accompany the fact than when doing badly in lane, he can sit back and farm safely with Shuriken? > This helps Zed ... split push I thought he was an assassin? whose job, is to... youknow...hunt down and kill people. There are whole classes specifically built around split pushing, and those classes do not include 'assassin'. Why not let assassins do their thing, and split pushers do theirs? They really couldn't be more opposite... One's entire purpose is to go where the kills are, the other is to go where they aren't... It seems counter intuitive to make a champion who excels at both. I dont see Yorick jumping on peoples faces 100-0 them, then disappearing back into the night to AFk split push. Nor do I see Kassadin or LeBlanc getting patched to help their split pushing potential. So why is Zed able to do both roles? It should be fine if a _single target assassin_ has a slightly harder time clearing minions, _(aren't they supposed to be getting gold from kills anyway)_. > and find more windows to use his abilities more aggressively. Yes, because he uses them so defensively right now... Ive felt so safe seeing him charge _(defensively of course)_ under my tower to 100-0 me, Ill have to keep an eye out for his new offensive plays. I don't wanna be caught off guard! _________ Like for real Riot? Im sorry he isn't picked as much as you want in Pro-play, I really am. But we honestly don't need this down here in the real world where 90% of players aren't Faker. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
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