Please, I need some help/advice.

#Please help I find many champions annoying, Zed/Yasuo/Vayne to name a few, but as much as they piss me off, I am still capable of playing against them and winning. But there are a couple of champs that try as I might, I have just never been able to do well against. Fizz is one such champion. So if anyone can give me real solid advice _(with reasoning)_ on how to play against Fizz, I would be very appreciative. These are some situations vsing Fizz, where I genuinely have no idea what I could have done, _(not even to win, but just to avoid dying)_: If someone could tell me what I should be doing in these situations. Im trying to play safe. In the Sol example, he and I were even in score _(from memory)_ and I was slightly ahead in CS. and despite this, I am ONLY farming with my stars at their max limit, I'm not even coming close enough to the wave to auto attack, I'm literally as far away from the lane as I can be while still getting farm, using up mana just to get CS. I don't know how much safer you can play? Except just not farming. For the first Xerath example, I was actually ahead of him _(pretty sure i got first blood on him)_, I even had a level on him, I'm poking him where I can _(at long range I might add)_ I'm only getting caster minions with my abilities so as to keep as far away as possible. after he throws his ult, I land both my slow and my stun _(at nearly max range, so its a long stun)_ on him, he dodges neither and still reaches me with no effort at all. When he does reach me, even if I had any abilities up, I wouldn't be able to do anything as Im either knocked up, or he is untargetable. In the second Xerath example, I'm under my tower trying to punish Kench for getting some cheeky tower hits off. Fizz engages on me from a distance that most ranged champs wouldn't even be a threat from, and pretty much the entire time he is under the tower, either I am airborne, or he is untargetable. He tower dives with no minions at all, gets a kill on someone from full HP, and escapes basically at full health himself. What is the counterplay for that? Look at the range that he can engage comfortably at: Hes a squishy melee assassin _(but we all know the 'squishy' part is a lie)_, and I'm literally the **artillery** champ, and yet only one of my abilities would even come close to hitting him at that distance. Honestly, what should I have done? Tahm was under tower, and Fizz was half a lane away, should I just think _"Nah fizz is somewhere in mid lane, ill just abandon the tower!"_? **What should I do?** Please tell me, Ive been playing this game for 6 years and I just have absolutely no idea. What is the counterplay? im not even interested in winning against fizz, I gave up on that years ago, alI want is just to not die, but somehow still keep myself in the game gold wise. When I play a roaming champ like Sol, I will roam every chance I get just to keep me out of mid lane, but Fizz is a really good roamer too, and for every assist I get when I roam, he gets a kill somewhere else _(or even on me in the same lane when he follows)_. But sometimes Im not playing a roaming champ and have little choice but to stay in mid. One of the main problems is: It takes Fizz such a short amount of time to kill you, and from such a long range, and for 40% of that time you are airborne, and for 50% of it, he is untargetable. How do you counterplay that? Like what range should I farm at? Obviously I can't stand close to him because... well, that requires standing close to him. and obviously I cant stand far away because his ult becomes so debilitating. Please, help me. ________________ Now it's hypocritical of me to ask for advice and then shoot down answers when they come in, but I'm not above saying that some advice just isn't worth giving in the first place. Unhelpful answers: 1. **Git gud.** Hahaha very funny, good contribution, such help, much wow. Ill try that next time. 2. **Just play X champ! they shit on Fizz.** This is unhelpful, there is a difference between 'counterplay' and 'counterpicking', and until we have draft pick up at all times, there will be occasions where I play against Fizz as someone other than X champ. I refuse to believe that it is impossible to beat Fizz unless you play as X champ, so therefore I'm not interested in answers that dictate what champs I have to play in an environment where I have no guarantee that Ill even be vsing a fizz. I have a solid pool of around 14ish mid laners that I am well practiced and experienced with that I will usually fall back on when I'm not trying out new champs, and if there isn't a single champ in there that stands a chance against Fizz, then perhaps thats a sign that it's time for a nerf! 3. **Just dodge the shark brah, eeeeeasy!** Funny you should mention this, because this thought has actually occurred to me. The problem here is that this is a game of skill and sometimes my skill at dodging is better than his skill at throwing, and sometimes it's the other way round. The shark is a small fast particle with a large hitbox, it has no channel and no visual or audio effects that herald that he is about to throw it, and it has a range large enough that unlike Blitz/Thresh, it isn't obvious when he is positioning himself for the throw. So sometimes I can dodge it, and sometimes my reactions just aren't fast enough. Obviously I will try wherever possible to avoid the shark, just as I would any other ability from any other champ. This advice is just as helpful as: _**"Its easy to win; just don't lose"**_. Plus he has enough damage even without the shark to decimate the HP of any non-tank, so the shark isn't even essential most of the time. Im not sure if it exists, but if it does, I'm really looking for a good solid explanation of what to do against Fizz _(with a focus on laning phase)_, explaining why this helps. and what I should have done in the situations above to avoid dying. If anyone can help me get better here, I would be very appreciative :)
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