What do you guys think of this bug?

Lee Sin Q not functioning correctly.
To escape Lee Sin, you need to put distance between you and him AFTER he lands Resonating Strike and jumps to you, but BEFORE he can land Tempest/Cripple to slow you. Unfortunately he can be spamming E while in-flight during Resonating Strike, so he can cast Tempest/Cripple almost immediately upon landing, so your only hope is to flash in the instant after he lands Resonating Strike.
What do you guys think of this? (I personally think it's a bug that needs to be fixed ASAP, but thats just me) and I'm keen to know if you guys are experiencing this as well, and what you think of it? _And yes I have posted this a couple of days ago on the [Report a Bug] section, so worry not. But the lack of RIOT activity on that board does make me a little uneasy ill admit._ **Description:** Escaping from Lee Sin is not an easy feat, and if you get hit by his Q at low HP, your best option is to Flash in the interval between him hitting you with Resonating Strike, and him casting Tempest (which he will follow up with Cripple for a 4 second slow) I have flashed many times now just after Resonating Strike makes contact with me, and every time, I end up in my new location, but so does Lee Sin. I always thought that maybe i just timed it wrong or whatever, but then i decided to test it, and this video is the result of that test, i will run you through the steps that are shown in the video: Lee Sin casts Resonating Strike. Lee Sin makes contact with Bard (and the collision sound is heard) Bard Flashes away and receives damage, (Lee Sin is stationary in Bard's old location) Lee Sin 'Blinks' to Bard's new location, and Bard takes no further damage. (except for an Auto Attack) This clearly shows that even if you Flash after Resonating Strike hits you, Lee Sin still follows you. This makes escaping from an already clingy champion just that much harder. We can see that Bard's Flash is not pre-mature because we can see after he Flashes that he has indeed taken damage from Resonating Strike. Also Lee Sin remains stationary in Bard's old position. If Bard had Flashed too early, he would not receive any damage until Lee Sin makes contact with him in his new location, and Lee Sin would not remain stationary in Bard's old position but rather carry on flying smoothly to his new one. Which means that Bard did not Flash too early, he did indeed Flash AFTER Lee Sin struck him with Resonating Strike, which means in a real game Bard would be punished for a perfectly timed Flash, with a death and a 300 sec cooldown on his summoner spell. And i for one don't think players should be punished for playing well. **How to Re-produce this bug:** Get Lee Sin to hit you with Q Get Lee Sin to cast Resonating Strike Flash away as soon as resonating strike hits you. (your timing must be prefect) This should reproduce the bug. **Frequency of the Bug:** This bug happens every time i flash Lee Sin's Resonating Strike (providing i don't flash too early or late) and is really annoying when he turret dives you. Pictorial deconstruction provided below: http://imgur.com/0bQ5C2M -Obito Uchiha-
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