OCE Rioter Q&A - (Group 2 of 3)

On Monday, 10th Dec from 2:00 to 3:00 PM AEDT, another group of OCE Rioters are jumping on the local Boards to chat with the community and answer some questions around what they do at Riot OCE. [(See here for Group 3's Q&A - Tuesday Afternoon)](https://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/miscellaneous/9LtOBXBt-oce-rioter-qa-group-3-of-3) If you want to know more about the team that keeps things ticking and helps build the tech that our local esports relies upon, what it's like dealing with pro players both off stage and on, or how we're bringing League to the next generation of players then post your questions in this thread and the below Rioters will come online to answer them on Monday. ---------------------------- Veeedka I'm the local "Fix everything with a plug" guy. I build the gear professional players use on stage and keep it running, among many other things. I also look after a lot of our live events like Rift Rivals, Worlds, MSI, etc and help keep the OPL show running. You'll see me on our show when something goes wrong, looking stern and pointing at things on computer screens. ---------------------------- Usefulmoose As the Growth Strategist, I work with the team in Oceania and teams across the world to ensure that the Oceanic League of Legends player base is healthy. This might involve ensuring that cool new features are shipped to, and tweaked for, our local players or finding ways to help players who have not yet discovered the joy of League of Legends give it a try! ---------------------------- Qualopec I'm the Oceanic Esports Coordinator during the week and the OPL's Head Referee on the weekends. I mostly do league management acting as one of the main points of contact to the teams as well as do a bunch of prep work for the OPL. On the weekends I'm part of the League Ops team as the Head Referee, where I work with the Referees to ensure that game days run as smoothly as possible. ---------------------------- Agent Mindstar Hi, I'm Mindstar. I'm a Live Producer at Riot OCE. You may remember me from such boards posts as "We're aware of a problem and investigating....", and the always popular "The server is down". But what is it that I actually do? My job is to understand what the major pain points are for players in OCE, particularly around things that might prevent them from playing the game, and to work together with teams from around Riot to prioritize and fix them. When I'm not doing that, I help out with all kinds of general tech things that go on in Riot OCE, and behind the scenes on the OPL, where I work with Qualopec and the rest of the Esport Operations team to ensure that everything behind the scenes runs smoothly.
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