Someone help me understand.

This community is atrocious and has no understand what is, and isn't toxic. Me joined the room. Brand joined the room. Yasuo joined the room. Darius joined the room. Lee Sin joined the room. Ezreal joined the room. Xin Zhao joined the room. Congratulations! You achieved Mastery Level 5 - Pathfinder with Kalista! Me: The salt from Brand was real. Yasuo: 9x report kalis Azir: report Azir: kalista Lee Sin: nice build xin Yasuo: its ok Azir: pls Tahm Kench left the room. Yasuo: honoured brand Xin Zhao: its best Xin Zhao: =p Me: Australians are remarkable. Xin Zhao left the room. Me: Reporting people in a normal. Yasuo: yeah Me: 1.3k wins. Me: Okay. Yasuo: ur name is remarkable Brand: you think just because its a normal game you can be toxic?? Me: No one was toxic. Brand: you are toxic Azir: you Azir: my Bard: you were Azir: friend Azir: a Me: 10/18 is a good score. Bard: you called us useless and shit Bard: for your own mistake Me: I said they were a useless jungler. Me: that is not toxic. Me: that's facts. Me: I never swore. Bard: and fact that youre toxic Brand: ok kalisto Yasuo: are you mentally challenged Me: Or abused anyone, so try again. Ezreal left the room. Me: Now who’s being toxic? Brand: im copying that game and sending it to riot Azir: ^ Azir: ty Bard: ^ Brand: we will let them decide if you are toxic or not Me: I'm laughing. Azir: so are we xD Azir: kekekke Me: You're just mad. Me: You couldn't carry the game. Azir: hehehehe Me: So salt Azir: you carried xD Brand: like you said man Me: Of course I did. Brand: its a normal game Brand: I am just playing for fun Me: I saved our base from 5 waves of super minions. Me: We would have lost if I wanted us to. Brand: but your toxicity ruined it for everyone Me: I said 7 things in /all chat. Me: I was trying a new build. Me: verse an Ezreal + Brand lane. Me: wtf are you on? Bard left the room. Azir left the room. Brand: you are simple in your brain if you think the only way of being toxic is through chat Lee Sin left the room. Me: It is. Me: Because I did nothing else wrong. Yasuo: lmao Yasuo: you took jungler creeps Me: They don't belong to the jungler. Me: They are neutral camps. Me: Fair game. Yasuo: looooooooooooooooooooool Me: He also didn't touch bot once. Me: When I asked him to, he shrugged me off. Me: I needed the extra gold. Yasuo: lmao ok Yasuo left the room. Me: Next argument? Darius: From what I am picking up and from experiance in game with you, you are indeed toxic. Me: Going negative isn't toxic. Me: How? Me: Explain how. Brand: going negative isnt toxic Brand: but intentional feeding is toxic Brand: its whatever man Me: How did I intentionally feed? Me: I did not run at you and die. Brand: i recorded the game and im sending it to riot right now Me: Check the damage dealt graph. Me: I did damage. Darius: Calling somone usless festroys their morale. Darius: destroys* Me: I stated facts. Me: He was useless. Me: As he let bot lane fail. Me: Not my issue. Darius: no, it's your oppinion. Darius: not fact. Me: It's a fact. Me: He kept his abuse to team chat. Darius: dude, he was 7/0/7 Me: And Ezreal was 7/0. Me: Due to his neglect. Darius: he was far less than useless Me: Your point? Me: He was useless in aspects to bot lane. Me: calling someone useless is not a derogatory thing. Darius: yeah ok maybe in regards to bot Me: Exactly. Darius: but you SPECIFICALLY said useless meaning useless in general Me: He had no presence bot lane. Me: therefore, useless. Me: No. Me: I said that bot lane was done, and that Lee Sin was useless. Me: bot lane = done. Darius: you wernt specific which made him think you were talking to him in his entirety, that is in fact toxic. Me: meant bot lane = destroyed. Me: You do realize. Me: That he shrugged it off. Darius: doesnt matter bro, still toxic. Me: He didn't take offense. Me: It is not toxic! Me: If I swore at him. Brand: it is toxic Me: Then I'd be toxic. Brand: and you are toxic Me: He told me to go AFK. Me: I didn't. Darius: how can you tell if he is shrugging it off? he could irl be taking to heart? you dont know. Me: Why is everyone on this game oversensitive? Me: Because how he spoke back. Me: do you think he was the perfect player? Me: Hell no. Me: He abused me for being negative in score. Me: Despite the fact said I was trying a new build in champion select. Me: You're judging everything on one word that was said. Me: And then my score. Darius: well usually the toxic one is overly defensive. Me: If I was feeding intentionally. Darius: look at you Me: I would not have gotten 80% of my kills later in the game. Me: Lol okay. Me: So the fact that 9 people targeted me is going to make me just chill? Darius: it was 4 to 1 aswell. Brand: if you werent toxic Me: I need to explain it, so you stop this oversensitive stuff on the Internet. Darius: hey, we were a third party Brand: no one will "target" you Darius: we take evidence into consideration Me: You're calling me toxic. Me: On two things. Darius: and come to a verdict. Me: I called my own jungler useless. Me: As he was in regards to bot lane. Me: And my negative score. Brand: =toxic Me: Really must have been intentionally feeding. Me: When I did more damage than Brand. Darius: again, we took the evidence in front of us into consideration and came to a verdict, simple. Me: Mm, yeah. Brand: if you are on my team and I get killed at level 1 then flame you for not gangking my lane at level 1 thats means im not toxic? Me: I didn’t flame. Me: Nor did I ask for a gank at level 1. Me: It was at level 7. Brand: you admitted to flaming at level 1 man Me: No I didn’t. Brand: man Me: Wtf are you on? Brand: you must be level 1 in ur brain as well Me: I didn’t flame anyone. Me: Rofl. Brand: its not hard to understand Me: Oh, I asked Bard why he came to lane late. Me: At level 1. Brand: flame = toxic Brand: = you are toxic Me: I didn’t flame. Me: Are you on drugs? Me: Curious. Brand: yeah man Brand: the drug of life Me: When I said finally. Me: That was due to getting 2 PD's. Brand: but you ruined it for me with your toxicity Me: Nothing I said was at anyone in the game. Me: Considering I said nothing to you. Me: How? Brand: intentional feeding Me: Are. Me: You. Me: Serious? Me: I was 10/18. Me: Ezreal was 7/0 at the 7 minute mark. Me: 3 were mine. Me: 4 were Bard. Darius: It was pretty obvious you were intentionally feeding. Me: With no ganks. Brand: yeah you mean right after you went afk and told us to push mid Me: Do you expect me to pull 20 kills from nowhere? Me: With a champion that needs her support around to do damage? Me: You do realize that bard left the lane and went mid? Me: At 11 minutes. Me: Right? Me: I never afk'd. Brand: yeah because it was 4v5 Me: If you recorded the match. Me: Then you'll realize that. Brand: you were trolling being toxic and intentional feeding man Me: I was the third person to hit level 18 on my team. Brand: if im bot lane and my adc starts being toxic id go help other lanes as well Me: So much AFK. Me: Funny Me: I never said anything to Bard. Me: Besides asking why he didn’t stay at bot to cheese it. Brand: didnt need to Me: As our level 1 was better. Darius: Actions spead louder than words. Brand: you said things with your actions Darius: speak* Me: Actions for what? Me: Trying a new build? Me: In a normal game? Me: Jesus! Darius: Intentionally feeding, we have been over this. Brand: intentional feeding man Me: I did more damage than you. Me: I did not intentionally feed. Darius: I was a tank. Me: you do realize each of my deaths. Me: I went down fighting. Me: I didn’t run at your team. Brand: yeah you did Me: I also got my team’s second dragon. Me: How was I feeding on purpose? Darius: technically correct, since you are kalista you hopped quickly at us. Me: Getting pulled by Darius. Me: Or Tahm isnt feeding. Brand: on purpose Me: How? Brand: 90% of ur deaths were under our towers Me: They're both tanks. Me: Sure I tried to fight them. Brand: = toxic feeder Me: But they still do bruiser-like damage. Me: I even killed Darius once at bot lane. Me: You win some. Me: You lose some. Me: If I was feeding. Me: I would have let hi mkill me. Me: I do not understand your logic. Darius: you realised we were gonna report so later in the game you decided to try, you can't trick us. Me: Do you think I care about reports? Me: I played exactly the same. Darius: when your not online tomorrow you'll wish you had. Me: Throughout the entire game. Brand: do you honestly think that if a rioter saw the way you played that game he would think you are playing normal? Me: If you think Riot bans that quickly. Me: Then I'm laughing. Darius: Tahm Kench has connections. Me: Seeing as I have played with rioters that have gone 4/20 before. Me: No. Brand: yeah Brand: but they arent intentional feeding Darius: there's a difference between a rioter going 4/20 and you intentionally feeding. Me: Xin. Me: Was 11/15. Me: That’s 3 deaths less than me. Me: Was he intentionally feeding? Brand: ok ok ok listen man Brand: lets pretend you werent intentional feeding Me: I wasn't. Darius: even though you were. Me: Else we wouldn't have won. Brand: why did you type push mid in all chat?? Me: And I wouldn’t have the second highest kills on my team. Me: You did go and push mid? Me: Then I got bot tower. Darius: I believe you also said somthing along the lines of "I cant believe this team is so stupid to not know when a game is lost. Brand: ^ Darius: Check and mate. Me: You twisted the words. Me: And added stupid. Me: But yes, I did say that. Me: because I did think the match was over. Brand: yeah Me: That’s not toxic. Brand: you thought it was over at level 1 Brand: when u tell us to push mid Brand: lol Me: After I said that I got kills. Brand: ur toxic Brand: man Me: Lord help you. Darius: the quicker you accept you are toxic the better your life will become. Me: You're so belligerent. Me: I'm toxic, I already know that, but I wasn't in this match. Darius: I am anything but billigerent Brand: Man Darius: You are ignorant. Me: Are we done? I want to post this on the forums. Brand: you are so toxic you dont even know when you are being toxic anymore Brand: you are toxic all the time but you think thats normal Me: God. Me: Bless. Me: You.
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