okay riot what

So ive played for five years ive seen alot of salt toxicity and flame now ive flamed alot recently and now my account was perma banned after a lobby where a player not going to name shame cos thats banable here offered free skins for people to report me i stated my idea about how hec was a bit broken due to 2 shotting me when he was tank now ive spent over $4000 on league eys ik this doesnt mean anything but guys i coulda spent that on a car a trip around the world somewhere . now ive been perma banned lost about $3700 worth of skins and icons and my drive to play anymore. i report people alot when i see them flamin intenting lane stealing and nothing ever happens to them. yet i get my mind out there about a champion and i get perma banned umm what .excuse me what stating my mind = ban . thanks riot
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