So i got that gold smurf again.

On my team this time, got support. Banned my main, akali, a champ that i only see banned in bronze once ever 100 games or so since no one plays her (and the bans are usually after i play an akali game) Decided to go yas "support" and claim hes mid (coincidence that i was mid?) Then went out of his way to last hit literally every single last cs, i had 5 cs by the end of lane phase, he had 120 Took rift scuttle then afk'd just so no one else could get it. And you know what? i still went 12/6/11 as a first time zed and got an S rank despite all that. I mean we lost because the enemy team had a nasus and we had to fight it 4v5 so we couldnt end before he reached 600 stacks, but pretty much almost carried the dead weight. So only question i have is, why after when was it i quit ranked? 2 months ago? lets say 2 months. Why after 2 months has this guy not been banned yet? And more importantly why the fuck am i still b5, i mean i quit ranked for 2 months, went and played other games and the occasional aram, came back and basically climbed to b3 before succumbing to tilt again, so unless i magically got better at league by not playing it we can basically assume im down here because i honestly cannot fucking deal with how toxic this elo is and get pissed off within the first two matches of each day and that anger causes me to make shitty decisions as im emotional at the time. But yeah thats not the point of this post. The point of this post is to the nay sayers that said "oh its just a coincidence that you keep getting that exact same gold smurf in all your games" its no coincidence that he did everything in his power to ruin my lane, specifically my lane, and i got him twice, i dodged the first game, went and played a custom 1v5 int game, then waited an extra 10 just incase he was still in queue, didnt bother to check my friends list to make sure hes not in queue, joined the game and boom there he is again, fuck only reason i played the game out is im at -10 lp and couldnt be fucked waiting another half hour just to get him again. This %%%% is literally harassing players, not cheeky banter in game harassing, full on stalking players queues to specifically ruin their games just to get a laugh. ban the fucking %%%% already.
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