Little effort to play, lots of effort to VS.

#**Overpowered? or Relative effort?** We all moan about "that champ is OP", "This champ has a broken mechanic." etc. But I think the ultimate problem (and thus the frustration) most of the time boils down to the simple equation of how easy a champion is to play vs how difficult they are to fight. Not actually how _strong_ they are. For example, when played well, I think most of us can agree that Azir is a bitch of champ to fight, however, we can also agree that he's a bitch of a champ to play as well. So when you get smashed by an Azir, you know he's had to try pretty hard to do that, and that seems to soften the blow. But someone like Yi on the other hand, who requires 0 effort to play, but an insane amount of concentration to VS, is much more antagonising to play against. When in mid, I groan every time I have to fight a Lux or a Brand, not because they're any stronger, or more powerful than my champs, because that's not necessarily true. But because the effort I have to put in to avoid their crap, is so much greater than the effort they have to put in to hit me. _______________________________ #**Sorry Lux, you're on the chopping block today.** Im going to pick on Lux for this post, not because I think she deserves it, but because I think she is the easiest champ to demonstrate what Im talking about. Here we go: Even with the size and speed nerfs of Lux's E, it's still almost impossible to avoid one that is thrown by any half decent player. Even being behind minions isn't enough of a buffer to protect you from Lux either, you have to make sure to be behind at least 2 minions at all times, and because there's not that many spots where you can constantly be behind that many minions and still CS properly, you are pretty easy to either hit or zone with her E. And what makes it even more frustrating, is that if you are hit by just 1 of Lux's Q's, you either die or have to go back to base, because it requires no effort or setup to slam you with literally every other ability from wherever she happens to be standing at the time. So you are punished really hard for putting in tons of effort and screwing up once. And it costs her so little to be throwing out abilities relatively constantly, yet the payoff is so high when she does accidentally land one. VS someone like Zoe. Yes, Zoe's abilities hurt a lot, but she if she just throws out her bubble willy-nilly and it happens to hit, theres so much she needs to prepare in such a small window of time. She has to fire her Q in two different directions, ult to a correct position, auto attack, and all while doing this, have to navigate a safe path through minions for her Q to land, (on both casts). So yea, Zoe's shit hurts, but she has to put in a ton of effort to achieve that. So its really hard for her to throw out her combo starter willy-nilly, without prior prep. Which means when she does prepare for it, and miss, it costs her. Lux requires no prep, as you've seen from playing her, if she thinks theres a chance to hit you, shell just chuck her stuff at ya. if it misses, oh well, try again in a few seconds. If it hits, **E,R,AA,E,AA** **BAM!** dead within a second. Both her ability and AA range is so long, that when she misses her abilities, she's not as as vulnerable as other champs may be, she can still sit at a relatively safe range and last hit until her abilities return, and on top of that, she still always has a defensive ability up her sleeve if needed. Where as other champions (like Veigar for example) are a little more conscious of throwing out their CC, because they know how vulnerable they are without it. Either that or if they do hit it without prior setup, it's a lot less devastating for the enemy. Like Zyra for example, her E is relatively similar to Lux's Q. But theres a big difference between Zyra using her E for some damage in lane, and her using E with the intent to go for the kill. When Zyra goes for the kill, she has to think about a lot at once, she has to make sure to put seeds very near _(but not on)_ her victim, then has to activate the seeds depending on the ability she wants _(usually Q for ranged plants)_ so she has to hit you with her snare, but also hit you with her Q AND make sure that the Q strikes first, so as to activate the plants before the E reaches them. _(meaning she has to hit her Q on both you and the plants, while you AREN'T already snared.)_ Only after all that, can she ult. For maximum effect. She can't do all that, if she throws out a random E and it happens to hit. **Lux can.** There is no distinction for Lux, between poking, and going for the kill. If she goes for the kill and misses, it only costs her the CD and mana of 1 ability. It costs Zyra 2 abilities and 2 seeds very quickly, before she knows wether her attempt is successful or not. Zyra doesn't have the luxury of throwing her spells out and seeing if they hit, before using the rest. _**To put this in perspective: If Taliyah is going for the WE combo; she cant cast W, wait to see if it hits, then use E if it does. She has to use them both almost simultaneously. and if her prediction is wrong, it costs her 220 mana, and both of her defensive spells. Which is rather punishing. If Lux wants to use her full Q,E,R,AA,E,AA combo, but misses the first spell, she can abort easily, and it only costs her 60 mana. And she has a shield and a savage AoE slow to fall back on, should she get into trouble. So she is barely punished at all.**_ So while Lux is far from being super OP or toxic for balance. She perfectly illustrates an example of a champ who requires little effort to play, and maximum effort to fight. And I think it's these kinds of champs that are the frustrating ones and cause people to have less fun in game.

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