How to climb out of bronze

This is not a post asking for help. I just wanted to share a few resources that I have found that I have found useful that may help other bronze players in a similar position. - Shared to me by a friend, a relatively new site by the looks of it. But I found the information on it useful. Particularly regarding last hitting. The creator is a Diamond player and appears to know what he is talking about. The website is free and personally I will continue to monitor this site. - Tricks stream can be entertaining from time to time but it is also pretty informative. He talks a lot about why he does certain things in certain situations. He teaches things that can be easily applied. His spectates and subwars are quiet good for learning too as he often points out mistakes and what they should be doing. - Pants are Dragon - Challenger player that creates great you-tube videos the information he shares is priceless. Anyway I hope these sites help you guys as much as they are helping me.
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