Star Guardian Lux should look more like Sailor moon! xD

So question...With the new Lux skin "Star Guardian Lux." How come they made her look like Chibi moon, when original Lux is blonde like Sailor moon? Lux is about 15, Sailor moon was about 14 when they started, why make her like a 7 year old? D; Maybe I'm just looking too into this but a Sailor moon would be better for Lux instead of Chibi moon :s Plus basing her skin off an anime, I'd go with trying to base it off the main character that people would most likely know better! Anyone else feel the same about this? xD I don't use Lux but I just kinda thought Sailor moon would work better. With those of you that don't know Sailor moon I have pictures below! The blonde is Sailor moon, pink haired one is Chibi moon who is Sailor moons daughter c: Last picture is the model of 'Star Guardian Lux'. (I could be wrong to who they based it off, maybe it's from Madoka Magica or some other anime, but if anything with Magical girls, I think of Sailor moon lol).
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