Amumu Rework!!!

Can y'all tell me why Amumu hasn't had a rework or even a visual rework. I was just wondering this because of his outdated visual look and that made me wonder, why hasn't he had a rework. First off, if you wiff his Q that's it, you can't recover that gank or engage without wasting flash. His W is completely useless early game without a build made around his W or with blue buff. His E has such a small radius and can only be utilized if his Q lands. Lastly, Amumu's ult/R is great for helping land your Q or helping slow the enemy team to help your team arrive and win the fight, but it doesn't really help in a 1v1, it seems to be more of an expensive Q that instantly traps anyone in a 360 radius and allows time for Amumu to walk over and E or Q over to the enemy. In saying this Amumu is still a good champ, I just believe that he isn't very helpful to his team if he misses his Q because he doesn't receive any bonuses or cool down reduction for missing a Q or any thing to help him recover from a bad engage/gank.
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