Refund twice per year?

I was buying a skin gift for a friend, and accidentally brought it for myself thinking i could gift it to him. As my brain was half dead at the time, being a steam user When i clicked that purchase button, I initially thought it would bring me to a second screen, "purchase for myself for purchase for friend" It was only until nothing happened that i realized my mistake. Begrudgingly, I bought the same skin as a gift to my friend afterwards. I just threw away more than $10 for a champion I don't even play, a skin i did not want. Immediately. Submitted a ticket to riot, and they told me they would not give me a refund unless i had tokens. Problem is, I used those tokens 2-3 years before. How is that reasonable? I am never able to refund ever again? I can't get my head around it, Shouldn't it be something around "you can refund twice per year"? This way everyone is happy and more inclined to buy something. This is like going into a store to buy something, and the store refusing a refund or an exchange for an unopened purchase right afterwards. I am not pissed, just disappointed. This would just make things more reasonable and _moral?_
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