Champion needed of a Serious Nerf

We have all had that bad day where we go up against that one champion that is just too OP. In your opinion, who is the champion most needed of a nerf? 1. {{champion:122}} : This guy's rework quite possibly screwed us over. You give a tanky as hell melee fighter a bleed, a bonus attack damage passive, a pull, a heal and a true damage ultimate. This guy almost 100% wrecks your lane if you're against him. 2. {{champion:114}} : Seriously, this chick is broken as well. If you build full tank Fiora, you needn't worry about damage. Your passive allows you to do true bonus damage if you auto their 'vital', but her Q allows her to prioritise that area and guarantee that true damage. And you're ult is PERCENT HEALTH TRUE DAMAGE., full tank Fiora is completely broken and definitely needs a nerf 3. {{champion:157}} : I used to be a Yasuo main until I realised that Yasuo was cancerous as hell. You build full crit with him and he can just delete that health bar, or you could build full tank and just mow down the enemy team anyway. His bonus armour penetration nerf seems to have calmed his dominance, but it doesn't seem to be enough. Please leave your opinion in the poll below and let me know if I may have missed anybody.
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