Will this be fixed? its really frustrating :(

In almost every game i get this now instead of champion mastery, it looks like its loading but nothing ever loads, so i never find out my grade or how many points i earned for that champion. the picture included is of the game when i reached level 5 mastery with yasuo, as soon as the game finished it gave me the popup message saying "congrats on lvl 5 etc." and the animation of the emote, but even after that it didnt load the circle thing (even though it must have already figured out my points since it realised i was now lvl 5) and it didnt show up in the chat either, i waited for ages to get my grade but nothing ever loaded so now i don't know what grade i got when i got Yas to lvl 5 :( this happens basically very game with a few exceptions, (i have noticed that it happens far more often when you win a game) so i was wondering if a rioter could confirm if this is being fixed or not? its also only been happening since last patch, it never happened once before that.
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